Monday, October 19, 2009

Autumn days

Aaaaaachoooo! It's a boodiful fall day! The sun is shining. Sniff, Sniff. And the trees are turning their wonderful colors. The air is crisp and will warm up to a lovely 65 degrees today. Sniff. It won't be long until the first hard frost. Yeah!!! Many of you know why that makes me happy! Many of us happy! But until then, I can't wait to go for a long walk today and enjoy the beauty out there right now. I'll just grab my hanky and away we go......

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Grand Old Dame

As mentioned in a earlier post, I went on a couple day getaway and had such a lovely time. As someone who's passion is interiors and quite frankly I like exteriors as well, I can't help but notice so many wonderful buildings around, and I am especially drawn to the ones that need rescued. It's so sad to see a once grand place fall into disrepair.

This bank along with neighboring buildings was turned into a mall, that apparently couldn't make it. So sad. It looks like it had great skylights, now darkened by who knows what.

And the interior details, grand.

Here's wishing I had lots of money to save these dying relics........

Friday, October 9, 2009

Autumn Rain

Today is another beautiful day. "Sure", you say. "Can't you see it's still raining and has been for days?" Well, of course I can, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy it.

When I took the dog out this morning it was coming down in that gentle, slightly more than a mist, rainfall. The air had that great autumn scent and the sounds of the drops on the leaves and the flowers that are still hanging on, takes me back to my childhood. Staying in a cabin at the lake, reading a good book, and listening to the rain on the roof while warming at the wood stove.

A cup of peach tea sounds good about now.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The age of Aquarius

I just returned from a fun getaway with some good friends and just wanted to share one of the unusual sites we saw. Now it's not something that anyone should go out of their way to see. Actually, if you have to drive to it, it is more effort than it's worth, but it just happened to be right around the corner from where we stayed.

Yes, that's right, a memorial to hippies! Now what they need to be memorialized for is just a matter of opinion,(confusion on my part) and the fellow that constructed it believes the hippies gave us the freedom to be who we are, whatever we want, and not have to follow the "norm". Scratching my head, I thought that was what our servicemen have done and continue to do for us. Huh......

This guy thinks they started the lifting of the glass ceiling for women and our rights. I had the feeling during that time that most hippies didn't want to be part of the "establishment" so why would they care about the "glass ceiling"?. Also, the right to be left wing (he is obviously left wing by the commentary explaining the monument and that's not a bad thing, as is being right wing isn't bad. Just using your head and common sense whatever you are is a good idea) and to just go with the flow and not be uptight. Cool man..... I guess I thought those are things we as Americans have always had, and I grew up in that same era. The memorial actually flows with the chronology of his life, as he explains it, so I guess it's really a monument to himself and who he is.

Good for you fella! Whatever floats your boat! Right on!