Sunday, January 26, 2014

Our guest Mary Cassatt

I love art and Mary Cassatt did such lovely works that I have placed her as an honored guest on the front porch tea of an old friend and the old friend's granddaughter, who has a habit of leaving toys around. The friend has a couple of paintings done by Mary hanging on the outside wall of her parlor.

There is also a painting by Mary's friend, Degas, in the foyer by the front door.
There's Mary in the lovely wicker chair! And the little girl just can't get her chair up close enough to visit with her.
There are lots of goodies to tempt your taste buds.
Such a lovely garden to spend a nice day enjoying the fresh smells of spring.
This was such a fun project to do and all of my friends at club did their own porches.  All were so different and interesting.  I had the distinct honor to win a first place ribbon for a room box/vignette at the Indianapolis Miniature Show, as well as a Best of Show Award. What a wonderful surprise!