Friday, September 25, 2009

Sunshine on the sofa...

Seems like I've been away forever, but just keeping busy with some fun work. I just finished up a small job, where creative thought was required, more than usual. The client had a morning sun issue,(the old fading the furniture problem) but has such a beautiful back yard and didn't want to block that view. The sun only hits low and so only hits the back of the sofa. "Stretch panels!" you say? Well not for them. Toooo traditional! We came up with panels covered in the drapery fabric (quilted,to bring out the pattern)and completely impregnable by the sun.

They were rather fun to do, required little sewing, and lots of bonding tape. And a
really hot steam iron (but used carefully so as not to melt the silk). tricky

The panels were then attached to the window frame with Velcro, for easy removal and replacement. voila' ! Looks great in the room, not run of the mill and serves the need! Wish I had a better picture, but too much back light. Will have to go over some evening and photograph after the sun sets! I love this job!

Monday, September 14, 2009

What's the dog barking at?

He: "Honey, what's the dog barking at?"
She: "I don't know, probably a cat." She wanders to the window to take a look. Honey, theres a crowd gathering on the front lawn."
She:"A crowd."
At this point , both head out the door to see what's happening.
Drunk neighbor #1. "Goooolly Andy , You ever seen one like that before? F*@!! it's something!"
Drunk neighbor #2. " I've never seen one so big. Ain't it f*@!!ing cool! Bet my wife id like to have that fer her class. It's F*@!!ing the neatest thing I've seen in a f*@!!ing long time."
She: "Well, if she wants it she can have it. "

That's how the neighborhood got caught up in the fascination of our hornet's nest. Next was dragging out a ladder and drunk #2 climbing up to cut it down. Lest you all are holding your breath in fear of stinging, it had been sprayed heavily with wasp spray a few days before. The conversation cleaned up after my husband pointed out that he didn't appreciate the impolite conversation around his wife. (He can be such a gentleman at times) And all the other drunk neighbors (they had all gone to the big first football game of the season) held the ladder while drunk #2 cut down the nest.

Lot's of oooh's and aaahhh's ensued at the fascinating miracle that these little bugs performed with it's lightweight and very colorful structure.

I hope the wife enjoy's her gift as much as he thinks she will!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ah, trees......


Everyday, after I arise and prepare to go on my merry way, I open the draperies to my room to let the lovely sun shine in. Oh, I would let the sun in, but only some daylight makes it, because of our wonderful trees. Aren't they a wonder? They keep your home cooler in summer and drop their leaves for the warming affects of the sun to reach your house in winter. Built in energy efficiency.

Shortly after that I head out the door, for my morning ritual of breakfast with my mother. I may be the only face she sees in days and we really look forward to our daily visits. But, before I go, I have to look at our fabulous perfect maple tree. It has the best shape of any tree around. Large dome shaped canopy that protects you from getting wet, even in a downpour. Well, at least until it's saturated, and gives such perfect shade on a hot day. I can't look at it without smiling.

Unfortunately, the tree's beauty has attracted some interlopers. You may see the condo they built in the far left of the photo. A huge city of hornets! Now, I believe in live and let live. I would never get rid of a squirrel, rabbit, chipmunk, birds, or even a raccoon if it made it's home in my yard or tree. But hornets are another thing. I'm not sure of their purpose in ecology, but I'm quite certain that it could be done somewhere else. I'm not trying to "stir up a hornets nest", but I think they are forcing my hand. I would be afraid to take the little ones to play outside under this tree, so I guess they will have to go. But, my, isn't their home a wonder, too?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Sunflower Day

There I was, sitting on the floor, going through a bunch of wallpaper books, looking for just the right thing, but what would appear before my eyes? An image from the past. Sunflower wallpaper. Now I'm not talking just run of the mill wallpaper pattern. I'm talking real life sized giant sunflower stalks. Floor to ceiling and all around the room. At least that was what I had in a formal Dining room in 1979, (which was quite elegant believe it or not) and here it is, back again!

Sunflowers never do seem to go out of style. My mother had a painting of them when I was a child. They were used quite a bit in the arts and crafts movement. They were on and in everything when my daughter was in high school. I even painted my own version not too long ago. And here we are again.

Not only did I see them in the wallpaper book, but on my way home I passed a couple of fields of them. Now that is really rare around here. It's usually corn and soybeans. I'm growing them this year and they are in just about every garden around, their lovely, sunny faces brightening up everyone's day. Don't be afraid to bring the sunflowers in. Always in and always cheerful!

Friday, September 4, 2009

It's in the details

It is amazing what people want you to do for their homes and what they want you to work with. Another designer friend of mine asked me to do a "little" sewing job for him. It entailed reproducing a duvet cover for a client in the same color of fabric as the original. He had helped the client choose the fabric and the color was perfect, but it was UPHOLSTERY grade fabric.Now, I'm not opposed to going out of the box for the sake of design, After all, isn't that what having a designer is all about? Origninality for your home? But this turned out to be something else to do. And I can't imagine that much weight on you when you are sleeping. They might need another person in the house to lift it up when they get up in the morning

Then, the duvet we were duplicating wasn't all that simple. It had a bias cut border, some cording in the body and plenty of top stitching. Actually, it was quite attractive when it was finished and the detailing made the simple plain fabric much more interesting. Details do make the difference. The client raved about it!

Now they want a shower curtain made out of the old one, holes and all! I guess I need to pull out my magic sewing machine!