Monday, September 14, 2009

What's the dog barking at?

He: "Honey, what's the dog barking at?"
She: "I don't know, probably a cat." She wanders to the window to take a look. Honey, theres a crowd gathering on the front lawn."
She:"A crowd."
At this point , both head out the door to see what's happening.
Drunk neighbor #1. "Goooolly Andy , You ever seen one like that before? F*@!! it's something!"
Drunk neighbor #2. " I've never seen one so big. Ain't it f*@!!ing cool! Bet my wife id like to have that fer her class. It's F*@!!ing the neatest thing I've seen in a f*@!!ing long time."
She: "Well, if she wants it she can have it. "

That's how the neighborhood got caught up in the fascination of our hornet's nest. Next was dragging out a ladder and drunk #2 climbing up to cut it down. Lest you all are holding your breath in fear of stinging, it had been sprayed heavily with wasp spray a few days before. The conversation cleaned up after my husband pointed out that he didn't appreciate the impolite conversation around his wife. (He can be such a gentleman at times) And all the other drunk neighbors (they had all gone to the big first football game of the season) held the ladder while drunk #2 cut down the nest.

Lot's of oooh's and aaahhh's ensued at the fascinating miracle that these little bugs performed with it's lightweight and very colorful structure.

I hope the wife enjoy's her gift as much as he thinks she will!


  1. Wow, what a gift....hope my husband is so thoughtful to remember to give me that poisonous snake in a basket. GO COLTS!

  2. hahaha all the Colts stuff!

    That thing is *effing* huge!hehe