Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Sunflower Day

There I was, sitting on the floor, going through a bunch of wallpaper books, looking for just the right thing, but what would appear before my eyes? An image from the past. Sunflower wallpaper. Now I'm not talking just run of the mill wallpaper pattern. I'm talking real life sized giant sunflower stalks. Floor to ceiling and all around the room. At least that was what I had in a formal Dining room in 1979, (which was quite elegant believe it or not) and here it is, back again!

Sunflowers never do seem to go out of style. My mother had a painting of them when I was a child. They were used quite a bit in the arts and crafts movement. They were on and in everything when my daughter was in high school. I even painted my own version not too long ago. And here we are again.

Not only did I see them in the wallpaper book, but on my way home I passed a couple of fields of them. Now that is really rare around here. It's usually corn and soybeans. I'm growing them this year and they are in just about every garden around, their lovely, sunny faces brightening up everyone's day. Don't be afraid to bring the sunflowers in. Always in and always cheerful!

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