Friday, September 4, 2009

It's in the details

It is amazing what people want you to do for their homes and what they want you to work with. Another designer friend of mine asked me to do a "little" sewing job for him. It entailed reproducing a duvet cover for a client in the same color of fabric as the original. He had helped the client choose the fabric and the color was perfect, but it was UPHOLSTERY grade fabric.Now, I'm not opposed to going out of the box for the sake of design, After all, isn't that what having a designer is all about? Origninality for your home? But this turned out to be something else to do. And I can't imagine that much weight on you when you are sleeping. They might need another person in the house to lift it up when they get up in the morning

Then, the duvet we were duplicating wasn't all that simple. It had a bias cut border, some cording in the body and plenty of top stitching. Actually, it was quite attractive when it was finished and the detailing made the simple plain fabric much more interesting. Details do make the difference. The client raved about it!

Now they want a shower curtain made out of the old one, holes and all! I guess I need to pull out my magic sewing machine!