Friday, September 25, 2009

Sunshine on the sofa...

Seems like I've been away forever, but just keeping busy with some fun work. I just finished up a small job, where creative thought was required, more than usual. The client had a morning sun issue,(the old fading the furniture problem) but has such a beautiful back yard and didn't want to block that view. The sun only hits low and so only hits the back of the sofa. "Stretch panels!" you say? Well not for them. Toooo traditional! We came up with panels covered in the drapery fabric (quilted,to bring out the pattern)and completely impregnable by the sun.

They were rather fun to do, required little sewing, and lots of bonding tape. And a
really hot steam iron (but used carefully so as not to melt the silk). tricky

The panels were then attached to the window frame with Velcro, for easy removal and replacement. voila' ! Looks great in the room, not run of the mill and serves the need! Wish I had a better picture, but too much back light. Will have to go over some evening and photograph after the sun sets! I love this job!