Friday, September 11, 2009

Ah, trees......


Everyday, after I arise and prepare to go on my merry way, I open the draperies to my room to let the lovely sun shine in. Oh, I would let the sun in, but only some daylight makes it, because of our wonderful trees. Aren't they a wonder? They keep your home cooler in summer and drop their leaves for the warming affects of the sun to reach your house in winter. Built in energy efficiency.

Shortly after that I head out the door, for my morning ritual of breakfast with my mother. I may be the only face she sees in days and we really look forward to our daily visits. But, before I go, I have to look at our fabulous perfect maple tree. It has the best shape of any tree around. Large dome shaped canopy that protects you from getting wet, even in a downpour. Well, at least until it's saturated, and gives such perfect shade on a hot day. I can't look at it without smiling.

Unfortunately, the tree's beauty has attracted some interlopers. You may see the condo they built in the far left of the photo. A huge city of hornets! Now, I believe in live and let live. I would never get rid of a squirrel, rabbit, chipmunk, birds, or even a raccoon if it made it's home in my yard or tree. But hornets are another thing. I'm not sure of their purpose in ecology, but I'm quite certain that it could be done somewhere else. I'm not trying to "stir up a hornets nest", but I think they are forcing my hand. I would be afraid to take the little ones to play outside under this tree, so I guess they will have to go. But, my, isn't their home a wonder, too?


  1.'s sort of cool and great shot...but scary!

  2. Was sprayed heavily with wasp spray and no activity for a couple of days. I'm feeling safer now.