Monday, September 15, 2014

A Refreshing Spot

A kitchen is not  always just a kitcn benchesthen. Sometimes it includes a nice breakfast nook. It may be a place to sit and enjoy your morning tea , while reading the morning news. Nooks serve as a place to do homework, craft projects, gather the family for a meeting or dinner. Sometimes even a peaceful muse, if you are home alone, maybe with a cup of hot cocoa on a winter afternoon. 
I love this nook! It is peaceful and serene.  A great place where the family gathers.  The window seat has a cushion and a back that can be popped in front of and attached to the windows, so that no one leans against the glass.  A lovely piece of engineering! It is stored in the bench until needed.  The table was a wonderful project that my client decided to undertake, as we weren't able to find just the table we wanted. So he built it! The finish and color are perfection!  Artwork (not well seen in the photo) are all photos the clients took on their many journeys.  It's so much fun to work with such talented people. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kitchen calm

I have a client that has been in their home for a good many years, and it was time for an update in the kitchen.  The appliances had all been replaced in the not too distant past, and updated to stainless. However the rest was due.

As you can see, the lighting shows it's era as well as the counter tops. The floor was vinyl, stained glass in a cupboard door is colors from a definite era, and who has a wall phone with a cord anymore?

What nice changes! Beautiful granite, solid composite chocolate brown sink, can lighting on a rheostat so the mood can be set, Italian porcelain tile flooring with a pale slate look, small shelves on the end of the cabinet converted to wine rack, beautiful hand finished tile backsplash (with no phone!),

and stained glass changed to compliment fabric used on bar stool cushion
And the paint! It was changed from a blue green to Fog. Not grey, not blue, just soft.
The cabinets stayed, because the clients liked them, and they were quality.  They were just cleaned up and new more contemporary pulls installed.
The clients, who are into yoga and dance wanted a calm, almost Zen feel. Now they feel like they have it!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The head of the bed.

Sometimes when working on a design job, you walk into a room and it just says "Do this"
 This pretty little guest room was just that way.
  The client wanted to buy some upholstered headboards and a new window treatment.
  Her current bedspreads did the talking.
  She bought 2 more and we made the headboards and window treatment out of them and voila!
  Didn't they come out pretty?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Little Luxury

I am so excited about my latest drapery installation! It is so elegant, opulent, and appropriate for this historic Victorian home.  It almost gave me the giggles putting it in!  What do you think? Isn't it just yummy!

And to think it is only 8 1/2 inches tall! Yes, this lovely room is in a dollhouse.  The mother of all dollhouses!  I think it has 24 rooms! The owner started on it 35 years ago and is still adding to it, and I have had the privilege to contribute to it.
The draperies have over 40 hours in them, primarily because I had to make all the fringe myself.
That took forever!

Then the drapery silk was cut out, exactly to scale, and just as I would a full scale drapery.
The hems were put in the panels.
Heat bonded with 1/8" of bonding tape.
Then the lining was inserted. Yes, I have gone over the edge! I know you were wondering!
All the valance pieces were sewn with a very small stitch!
Then they were turned right side out and the trims attached.
After all pieces are constructed, they were folded into their desired look and attached to a board. Then all the extras were added.  I even made little Victorian cut work shades to insert under the treatment for night time privacy!
Then all was carefully packaged for transportation.
Delivered, installed and the room put back together!
Relax in luxury!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It is in the details.

It is the details that count.  It doesn't matter if it is a real house or a miniature house. The details are what gives it the finished look.  I like my miniatures to have the feeling that someone has actually been there.  I want it to seem real and tangible, so I like to put in "real life details.

Tasty treats for our honored guest.
Kitty is looking for the chipmunk.
Is that a doll on the step? Better watch where you are going.
Goodness me!  Doesn't that child put anything away?
It doesn't look like Grandpa is much better.
What a pretty little hand tatted doily.
Aren't the old stained glass windows in old homes nice?
Time to pull up a chair and listen to a story.
Grandma has the tea ready.
Don't forget to lock up and hang the key back up after everyone leaves this evening.
Hope you enjoyed the lovely tea party, and thanks for coming. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Our guest Mary Cassatt

I love art and Mary Cassatt did such lovely works that I have placed her as an honored guest on the front porch tea of an old friend and the old friend's granddaughter, who has a habit of leaving toys around. The friend has a couple of paintings done by Mary hanging on the outside wall of her parlor.

There is also a painting by Mary's friend, Degas, in the foyer by the front door.
There's Mary in the lovely wicker chair! And the little girl just can't get her chair up close enough to visit with her.
There are lots of goodies to tempt your taste buds.
Such a lovely garden to spend a nice day enjoying the fresh smells of spring.
This was such a fun project to do and all of my friends at club did their own porches.  All were so different and interesting.  I had the distinct honor to win a first place ribbon for a room box/vignette at the Indianapolis Miniature Show, as well as a Best of Show Award. What a wonderful surprise!