Monday, March 22, 2010


If I think back to my childhood, I have many wonderful memories, and an awarness of furnishings that to some may seem unnatural, but is probably what led to do what I do today.

I would love to spend time at my Grandparent's home, decorated in comfortable Danish Modern, and go on errands for my Grandmother when she needed eggs and other food items that required a "specialist". There was the egg lady and the one I recall with amusement is the berry lady. Mrs. Henrietta Laucke, wife of Elmer, was the lady that you purchased all freshest berries from.

She loved for you to visit awhile before you went on your way with your treasured berries, and I didn't mind so much, if I could sit on the floor. She had fairly new furniture, with the scratchiest fabric ever invented. In the summer I was usually in shorts and that was not good if you had to sit on her sofa or chair. A glimpse of what I'm talking about. It was also the same approximate color 2 shades darker.

This must have been the beginning of my searching for wonderful, comfy chairs. The chairs below were made for a client of mine and are a dream to sit in. Down cushions really add the feeling of luxury.

There's nothing like a great chair!


  1. the new chairs are nice...but I WANT THE DANISH CHAIR!!!!! LOVE IT!

  2. you can probably buy one for a mere $950. That's what this one sold for!