Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's not the 4th of July, yet!

It's another hot June day and really quiet in the shop. Everyone is at the park celebrating the 4th of July. The fact that it's June 27 doesn't matter. Our fair city wants to be the 1st to display fireworks in the area and makes a whole day of celebrating. Food vendors, dance schools and acrobats performing, some military equipment with the local guard. You know, an all around fun time. My favorite thing in life is looking at army trucks. The parade is so "good" that as one 6 year old put it "That's the worst parade I've ever seen!" They had a band this time. Haven't had one of those in years. Must be improving!
So here I am, with the hope that someone will wander off from the park and maybe stop in the shop and spend some money. I've been hoping that would happen on this day for many years and it hasn't occured yet. Even when we've offered free snacks and ice water!

Oh well, guess I'll close and go look at army trucks.


  1. Your blog looks fabulous! Looking forward to more posts. Would love to see you add some miniature tips on here as well. Have fun with it!No rules here:) Donna

  2. Thank you for your good thoughts! Will do on the Mini tips on occaision, as well! Good thought.