Friday, August 7, 2009

Excuse me, has anyone seen my tiara?

I know many people think that interior design work is just a lot of fun shopping and having fun with rich people. Oh, if it were only so! The fact is that it is a lot of hard work, math, paperwork, digging up the creative juices inside you (sometimes that is easier said than done),and in my case sewing. All while working to keep a smile on your face, when Aunt Lily's precious collection of salt & pepper shakers has been handed lovingly to the client, by Aunt Lily herself, with instructions to display them proudly.

My clients range from middle class people that have decided to use the money they have saved up for a someday makeover or improvement, to the guy whose wallet goes ca-ching every time you see a train car. It may be as small as a new valance over the kitchen window, or as big an entire a new house of unfathomable square footage. Although I do enjoy doing the kitchen valance (everyone should have something custom in their homes that is special)I really love the big new house.

There's nothing like starting with a bare pallet. I recently had a job to do with a couple that has a little money and big ideas and taste. Was it ever fun! The place felt like a palace when it was all put together. The living room window treatment could only be considered regal. A room where you snap your fingers and someone runs in to grant your every wish. Farm boy, fetch me that pitcher.


  1. This sort of reminds me of your previous house.

  2. In a small way, my place having been smaller!