Friday, August 14, 2009

Living in the Burbs

The people in our cul-de-sac are alot like the characters in the movie "The Burbs" in that it isn't likely that much could go on without everyone knowing.
We have the older couple next door that you don't see very much, but their son is out all the time taking care of things. A couple of retired fellows, one single and still in his teenage rebel stage. He rides a Harley, has his ears pierced and sports a lovely mohawk! He does keep an eye on everything and even takes care of the other neighbor's dogs. The other retired guy knows everything that goes on. I'm sure he could tell you exactly when anyone leaves or returns home. He is always puttering outside, but more watching everything, than really doing a lot. He has a great garden that he shares the fruits of, too!
Then there's the guy that drinks a little to much and is a little too friendly. His wife yells constantly, hence the drinking. The young couple next door, always waves, but rarely converses (part of his persona maybe since he's a private detective). And last, but not least is the couple with the son just getting out of his teens, but hasn't learned the meaning of responsibility. Likes having late loud parties, next to the retired guy that stays up all night, bedroom window. I wouldn't think the parties would bother him much, since he tends to stay up half the night anyway, but maybe he is thinking about his wife who has to get up in the morning for work.
All of this leads to my deep surprise when Mrs yells alot came walking out of her house yelling(of course) that some *!**!! had robbed them. Where were all the nosy neighbors that day? I've never seen the block so empty. I came home to police cars and a crowd of people wondering what happened.
My confusion increased by the fact that their dog was in the home (mine won't even let family in if I'm not there) and Mrs YAL wasn't frightened one bit. They still leave the garage door open at all hours and go on like nothing happened. Maybe they figures is isn't likely to happen again. After all, there is always someone around. Usually.


  1. Maybe they don't have anything good anymore so they welcome robbers to come check the place out now?