Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dream Kitchen

It is so much fun to work on a project that makes the client's dreams come true.  One such client had a kitchen that was not sufficient for her needs as a cook that loves to entertain people in her home.  The cabinets were too high up, as she is not very tall and not easy to navigate if more than one or two people were in the space.
Moving around could be rather tight.  Well, to work we went, and with tearing down walls and expanding the space, a new and wonderful space came about.  Places for her to work in the kitchen without others having to get into her work space, but yet still visit. New cabinets she could reach, a new pantry, beverage center and sun room to for the crowd to flow into. Actually, much of the home was redone.
Large, open and inviting. What more can you ask for?   More on this incredible house later.