Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fine Dining

The project continues and this idea really worked.  The living and dining rooms were two fairly small spaces, especially the living room. The living room was never used, and with the great family room and the new sun room, and downstairs recreation/family room.......well, how many sitting rooms do you need? So the idea was to turn those two rooms into one room for dining in style. 
    The table was already there, and barely navigatable in the smaller room.  There was no room for a buffet or any other piece of additional furniture, so the space just felt overwhelmed by the table.  I wish I still had the before pictures, but hard drive crashed and well...........
    We took out the arched and pillared opening between the two rooms, centered the table and new light fixture and added beautiful painted panels and texture on the walls.  While we were blowing out walls on the back of the house anyway, the center window was removed and windows moved to the side and an alcove with a built in buffet installed.  Now there is plenty of room for a large gathering and great conversation.  Love the peaceful color, too!


  1. your right it really opened up the room and I love how you did the panelling, is that a design I see on the carpet? I really like how it turned out..everthing just seems pulled together

    job well done!


  2. Thanks so much! I really love the final result of this room. It is so much fun to see concepts come together and sometimes be even better than you imagined they would. The carpet does have a subtle sculpture to it! So pretty!