Monday, July 8, 2013

Sun room comfort

The  project I have been writing about had some major expansion work done, as you could probably tell by the photos of the kitchen.  Well, it went even further.  A sun room was added where a deck used to be and then some.  The kitchen actually took up at least half of the old deck.  That also entailed blowing out the basement and adding an additional play room.  I'll show that at a later date.

The sun room is now a place where sitting and reading is a joy and the breakfast area is now in there. 

Italian tiles were put on the floor.  So pretty.
The photos don't show the gorgeous cathederal ceiling.
The window shades are Hunter Douglas Pirouettes and are motorized.  There were so many that opening and closing them everyday can be quite a chore, so now, with just a touch of a button they can open all or just as many as they want at a time.  Where the sun falls during certain times of year, only a couple need to be closed, while the others are open, to control the light.  When all of them are opened, they are hidden in the upper woodwork and you wouldn't even know that the shades are there. Soooo coool!  They are so quiet when they operate, we must have played with them for a half hour, just watching them work! Awesome installation!


  1. I really like it, you have so much space now :)

  2. Thank you. The clients love it! They really have the room for the entertaining that they do, Which was really important to them. I love to see them happy!