Friday, July 12, 2013

Trunk for the junk

I thought I'd take a little side trip away from the work project today, and show you a recent hobby project in miniatures.  A dear friend of mine passed away and left behind a large collection of fine miniature's as well as lots of kits and materials to make more.  She was an acomplished miniatrist and had exquisite taste. She stipulated, before she passed, that she wanted to let the club have her trunk kits to put together.  Well, she really had the kits!  Kits, kits, and more kits!  So many that each member was able to choose 3 kits.  There were some left over that will be passed on to be sold for fund raising for one of our favorite miniature organizations.
  I volunteered to teach the rest of the club how to put these kits together, so I did one first to get the method down and have a finished one for everyone to see. I laid everything out before getting started.

The first step was wallpapering the inside of the trunk.
Then you start gluing the piece together, making sure that the pieces are all right side up!  We won't go into why I had to specify that part.
Next I sanded to get the curve and sides smooth and even with the fit being just right.
Next I painted my faux leather to be the color I wanted and applied it to all of the outside.
Next, shiny tape makes the metal around the trunk, wood slats which I prestained applied and finally the brass finding for the hardware.
Voila! After only A FULL DAY'S WORK, I had a finished ladies wedding trunk!

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  1. what a fun project! thank you for sharing it :)