Friday, July 17, 2009

Decorating for the pet

Isn't it amazing that you can always tell when someone has a pet? Especially if the pet happens to be a dog or cat. I know people can tell I have one, every time I step out my door. The barking is a dead give away, but if I'm not at home the signs are visible. Dog hair. I wear a lot of black and boy does blond dog hair show up on my slacks! I keep a lint roller at work,so that I can look more professional, although I should probably keep it in my car, . Animal hair is not professional. Imagine that!

I used to have a black poodle, which was great, since her hairs didn't show on the black slacks as badly. Now, there are those of you out there that believe poodles don't shed, but to tell the truth, they all do. It may not be as evident with some animals as others, but they do. I could tell the poodle did by looking at the side of the chair she always leaned against. It was covered with those little hairs and it was the only place I ever saw them. Of coarse, we don't think people shed either, but we all know better. Just clean a bathroom floor.

It's not that I don't clean the house, but the dog is faster at shedding than my vacuum is at picking it up, and she would eat my arm if I tried to vacuum her.

I guess the point of my message is this, maybe we should consider decorating in colors that are complimentary to our pets. For instance, my dog sheds a lot if she's getting closer to needing a shave. I have decorated my Living room area in beige's and soft golds with accents of blue grays and her hairs just blend into the funrnishings. Not as noticeable as it would be if the furniture was red, green , blue, etc. I didn't plan this advantage. I just wanted the the soft colors, but it sure came out to my benefit. So, just something new to think about when deciding on a new color scheme.

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  1. I have a white dog! So my choice is white hair on dark furniture or dirt showing on white furniture!