Friday, July 3, 2009

Little bitty cherries

A couple of weeks ago my daughter and I went out to pick the last of this years cherry crop, before the greedy little birds finished them off. Not to mention the squirrel I saw running upside down, frantically rustling down a branch, sucking up all the cherries like a Kirby vacuum. I bet he had a tummy ache!
We both looked like we'd been in a battle. Red was oozing from our hands and down our arms. OK, some of the cherries were REALLY ripe. I must say that cherries are a beautiful fruit, which is what has led me to my current insanity.
It isn't enough that I love real cherries. I love them enough to want them in my garden. That is, my miniature garden. Unfortunately, miniature gardens, such as the one I'm making have to be fabricated. No Miniature bonsai cherry trees exist to my knowledge, and if they did, I'm sure the cherries would be too big and I'd not know how to care for it, and it would die, and then I would die (so the legend says) and , well, wouldn't that be disappointing for me.
I digress. I am known for my maniacal desire to notice and capture details. So, when I started this little garden scene it had to have a tree and one screaming with color! Red Cherries! Red Cherries! Red Cherries!
I had to give in, and why didn't someone stop me? I couldn't just glue cherries to the branches, which I am sure most peoples wouldn't have noticed. No, mine had to have stems! Anyone out there know how many cherries it takes to fill a tree? Me neither, but it's lots! If the bonsai doesn't get me it may be old age from making cherries.


  1. That looks awesome!

  2. Thanks! Will post a photo when and if I ever finish it.