Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kids Rooms

She is just turning into a teenager and what do you do? Let her have her own way and pick out what she wants, or decorate her room the way you would like to see it done?
That can be dangerous either way. She'll probaly not really like what you, the parents, choose. Young people have taste so different from us older people. They don't mind the stuff we are sick of, because they didn't grow up with it. Lemon, lime, tangerine. A virtual fruit salad of colors.
She might be going through a not so good phase and want everything black. Cheerfully depressing to match her hormonal moods. I wanted to run away from home when my daughter reached puberty. Then again, your child may have really good taste.
I find that for the most part, kids know what they like and can easily sit in on the process. Just like every other area in their lives, a little guidance goes a long way. Sometimes the combining of the minds brings surprisingly beautiful results. And yes you can combine, stripes, checks, and prints. The example shown has 6 different fabrics in the same color scheme.
Have fun and let loose!
Oh, to be young again!


  1. I think posters of the band Europe are a nice decorating touch.

  2. you two are not funny