Friday, July 31, 2009

It's a couch, isn't it?

I don't know if everyone gets as confused about terminology as I can get, but it came to my attention in a conversation with one of my girls the other day that there are a lot of terms for the word couch. Or is it sofa? Or is it davenport?

I first remember the term Davenport (a brand name turned generic, like jello) when I was a small child, and since my parents used the term couch, I didn't know what our friend was talking about. I finally figured it out, but couldn't understand why they just didn't call it a couch. Then I found out later that a davenport is also a term for a type of desk! And then again, there's the shortened version, divan,which as it turns out is slang. Go figure.

When I first started in my first job in the decorating field, the company I worked for insisted that this type of furniture was called a sofa, and it was d'classier to use any other term. Oh, brother!

Now, of course, there's loveseat, settee(not to be confused with settle), canape, Chesterfield (Canadian for Davenport), fainting couch and and chaise to throw into the mix. Are you totally confused yet?

Well ,believe it or not there are some minor difference in most of these, but it primarily has to do with how many people can sit on it. For some of us it might be easier to just point and say that thing over there.

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