Saturday, July 4, 2009

Is beige boring?

I am choosing a lack of color for a house going on the market soon. It seems that it is the consensus that lack of color sells a house. Most people, apparently, cannot imagine a room being workable if it has color on the walls. Yet almost everyone I know loves color on the walls.

The house I lived in, and sold, a couple of years ago had lots of color, and the buyer didn't want to change any of it. Loved it! Loved it! Loved it! Yet, I must choose lack of color for this house.

Actually, I am choosing a color wantabe. Beige. Not just any beige, but one of 450 shades of beige in the universe. There's probably an infinite number, but thankfully, not in my paint deck.

The wood work will be white. Of course, my paint deck has 140 shades of white. Nevertheless, it'll make a nice contrast and give the room the warm, clean elegance that a monochromatic color scheme gives. But I can't help myself! There will be a punch of color in the house. The Dining Room will be RED! Most people don't have alot of upholstery in a dining room that will put up a fight. Red walls are great in a dining room. Food looks good on red and it stimulates conversation. And if the buyer doesn't like red, well, paint is the least expensive decorating tool we have!

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