Friday, July 10, 2009

Myface or Spacebook?

Getting a handle on all the things that you can do on a computer isn't as easy for some of us "older" people as it is for those of us that are younger. Especially, if you have never been electronically or mechanically inclined. I still don't know how to set my old VCR to record a show at a set time if I'm not there to do it. We all know that VCRs are now pretty much obsolete, so guess how far behind I am. I can hook one up, or a DVD player, but now there's something new on the market and T-bow? DVR? I don't even have cable!

So, I was talking to my girls the other day, and they think I should really get into this computer networking stuff. I should really check into some of those interactive with your friends sites. I haven't a clue as to how or even if I want to go on Myface or Spacebook. Something about that just doesn't seem right. If you want to talk to somebody, call them up. Or go see them. Talk to my face and I'll make space in my book!

Do kids want their moms to be their friends? I doubt it, but they may not want to tell you that. Hurt feelings. boo hoo. There are some things you just don't want your mom to know or hear you say. Maybe not your grown kids either. Even at my age, some things would not be discussed with my mother, but then I probably wouldn't put that on the internet anyway. It's best not to put anything on the internet that you wouldn't feel comfortable saying in church. Why embarrass yourself?

So, for now I am just thinking about it, and if I decide to give it a try, I guess I'll figure it out. After all, I'm just starting to get the hang of blogging!


  1. You've got it all wrong...myface and spacebook are for keeping in contact with people you don't like, that way you never have to see or call them! It's a place for fake friends! haha