Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I've got the blues

Today I installed a beautiful window treatment in a room that just exudes peace and tranquility. The spacific use for the room is to drink coffee and read the morning paper. The soft blue grays, as well as the rich woods, give the room an elegant, yet casual feel. You just want to put your feet up, and curl into the furniture and read a good book. I would love to do that, however, the room doesn't belong to me and I don't think the owners would want me there all the time, using their space.

For those of you out there wanting such a peaceful area in your room, it's not so hard to achieve. Soft peaceful, calming colors: blues, blue grays, and soft greens give that feeling. Just makes you want to relax just thinking about them. Excuse me (deep breath and sigh)while I go take a relaxing nap.........

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